Coastside Technical Services has proudly served the peninsula and coastal communities since 1988. Get fast, reliable and efficient services and repairs for your residential or commercial needs.  





Issues with your refrigerator, AC, or heater? We can help. 

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Fast, efficient and reliable service and repairs from highly qualified technicians. 

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Air Quality Control

 Control dust and other contaminants by cleaning the central air system. 

What Sets Coastside Technical Apart

Coastside Technical Services has over 25 years of experience maintaining, repairing, and replacing major appliances both on the commercial and residential scale. Although experts in many fields, our knowledge is primarily focused on HVAC, appliances and air quality awareness. Our crew is compiled of bright, hardworking, and friendly staff with the same mindset: to help solve our customers problems in the fastest and most efficient way possible.  

We had the kind of week that every homeowner dreads...the washer broke, the dryer broke and then the dishwasher stopped running. Ugh. Each of the techs that came out were super helpful and incredibly professional.They were on time and efficient. AND they stand by their work!
— Mara K. ~ Yelp